Finger Jointed Primed Pine

Our Evolution primed finger jointed pine is the highest quality and best priced primed trim on the market. Suitable for all of your interior trim projects!

 Available Sizes
1×3  x  x 
1×4  x  x 
1×5  x  x 
1×6  x  x 
1×8  x  x 
1×10  x  x 
1×12  x  x 
5/4×4  x  x 
5/4×6  x  x 
5/4×8  x  x 
5/4×10 SO  SO 
5/4×12 SO  SO 
5/8″x6 ECB/WP4 x  x 
1/2″x8 Nickel Gap x  x 
x = In Stock, SO = Special Order