Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar: “Nature’s most beautiful
& versatile building material.” We stock a variety of sizes and grades of WRC that are suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications!

In Stock Options

Fence and Utility Boards

1×4 S4S & S1S2E#2&Better6′, 8′
1×6 S1S2E#2&Better6′, 8′
2×4 S4SSTK6, 8′
5/4×4 S4SSTK6′
5/4×6 S4SSTK6′
4×4 S4SSTK8′

Tongue and Groove

1×6 V4ESTK6′, 7′, 8′
1×6 V4EA&Better Clear6′, 7′

Special Order

In addition to the items we keep in stock, we regularly special order various sizes, grades and patterns of Western Red Cedar.

1×4-1×12 S1S2ESTK, A&Btr, CVG6-20′ Random Mix
1×4 & 1×6 T&GSTK, A&Btr, CVG6-20′ Random Mix
1×8 ShiplapSTK6-16′ Random Mix
5/4×4 & 5/4×6 DeckingSTK, Clear6-20′ PTL* or Random
2×4-2×12STK, Clear8-20′ PTL* or Random
4×4 & 6×6STK, Clear8-16′ PTL* or Random

*Pulled to length is subject to certain sizes, grades and supplier availability. Most cedar is sold in random length mixed packs.

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