Hardwood Lumber

We stock some of the most common species and sizes of domestic hardwood boards. We do have access to a wide variety of species both domestic and exotic for special orders.
1×6 Poplar S4S
1×8 Poplar S4S
1×6 Red Oak S4S
1×8 Red Oak S4S
4/4 Soft Maple S3S
1×6 Black Walnut S4S
1×8 Black Walnut S4S
4/4 Black Walnut S3S 
5/4 Hard Maple S3S
4/4 Cherry S3S
5/4 Cherry S3S

S3S (Surfaced 3 Sides) is planed on both faces and straightline ripped on one edge. 4/4 boards milled to 13/16″ and 5/4 boards are milled to 1-1/16″.

S4S (Surfaced 4 Sides) is planed on all 4 sides to a thickness of 3/4″.