SumGuard Finger Jointed Primed Pine

Our SumGuard primed finger jointed pine is the highest quality and best priced primed trim on the market. Suitable for all of your interior trim projects!

 Available Sizes
1×3  x  x 
1×4  x  x 
1×5  x  x 
1×6  x  x 
1×8  x  x 
1×10  x  x 
1×12  x  x 
5/4×4  x  x 
5/4×6  x  x 
5/4×8  x  x 
5/4×10 SO  SO 
5/4×12 SO  SO 
5/8″x6 ECB/WP4 x  x 
1/2″x8 Nickel Gap x  x 
x = In Stock, SO = Special Order

• SumGuard® coating is an engineered prime coating infused with saw dust and resins, permitting the coating to expand and contract. • SumGuard® coating provides a silky smooth prime finish ready for paint immediately after installation.
• SumGuard® coating is field proven since 2006. • All finger joints and edge-glue lines utilize exterior glue. • SumGuardEX® includes a final coat of true exterior primer and sealed ends. It comes with a 10 year limited warranty.